Writing a Rock Star Sponsored Post


Campaigns. Sponsored Content to be exact. The whole process can be a little bit of a pain. Multiple levels of approval/edits, as well as the old hurry up and wait thing we’re sure you’ve been privy to at least a few times. Yet- at the end of the day you’re here on our platform because you are a campaign rock star (or at least you’re honing your skills on how to be one). And beyond that, we try to help keep both sides of each campaign working together as seamlessly as possible – and we hope we’ve held our own. However, even as we’ve improved and found better ways to help campaigns move along and just be all around awesome, we thought we’d also take this opportunity to provide some things that help us help you not only write an awesome post, but also make the most of each campaign with us and let your own personal brand as a blogger really shine through to each brand.



      1.  Proofread! And no alternative facts please! Colombia is a country in South America and Columbia is a town in Missouri or a university in the Ivy League. Brands hate when you can’t spell their name right or get basic facts wrong 

      3. Add your voice and get creative. We always rave to the brands we work with about how much we trust our bloggers to know their audience and how to tell their story in a way that is authentic, while also being accurate. Avoid cutting and pasting from the campaign brief. There is so much information out there that you can come up with something unique that pertains to you and your following.

      5. Communicate! Things happen. We get it. Just let us know and we’ll work it out. We’ve added a responsiveness score to your profile (similar to that on Facebook) for brands to know how often and how well you communicate. Remember we are here for you! To help with the day to day and offer support where we can. You can also directly message each brand in the chat feature on our platform.  
      6. On setting your payout- prioritize quality over quantity– propose rates within your bounds and write a damn good story- your rate will increase over time as your results speak for themselves.

      8. Follow the dashboard directions. Here is where we love it when you cut and paste! The bit.ly and code snippet found on your dashboard that is. If we had a nickel for every time we get a request that a link isn’t working when upon checking out the post, the link wasn’t cut and pasted- it would be roughly as many nickels as the amount of times we’ve received this type of request.


      10.  Share your post! While you aren’t required to do a single thing on social media (for these types of campaigns anyway), it will not only make you look like even more of a rockstar to our brands, it will also help to ensure you hit your view goal- and therefore cash out those dolla billz- sooner rather than later. To this same point- if you write a kickass story and a brand likes what they see, they will share within their own channels, thereby giving you more exposure.

      12. Give us feedback! We have been around for a little while now (4 whole years!), but we are always looking for ways to improve! Got an idea? A suggestion? Would like to tell us something you liked about a recent campaign you did? Send us a note!




Blaire Massaroni


For Cooperatize Journal